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Honda CB350 Twin Rear Sets

Honda CB350 Twin Rear Sets

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Fixed or Folding Pegs
Original Lever Design or V2 Lever Design

This is a bolt-on kit for the 1968-1973 Honda CB350 Twin.

This set comes standard with a fixed peg. Folding pegs are available. 

There are two different lever designs available for this setup. The original, that are pictured on the bike, and our newest V2 design, pictured in the final photo. Functionality is the same, just a new look. 

This is the only kit of its kind on the market. We spent a good bit of time developing the brake side for this bike. Most rear sets on the market, just run a kinked linkage rod directly back to the drum. It's the easy way to do it, as this bike didn't use a splined brake shaft like most Hondas of the era did. Doing it this way gives you what is called bump braking. As the linkage is connected directly to the drum, everytime you hit a bump, it has the ability to apply the rear brake a bit, and bounce your lever up and down along the way.

What we have done, is develop a bell crank that bolts where the stock brake pedal bolted using the stock shoulder bolt that Honda used to secure that pedal. What this does is allow you to run the linkage forward, connecting it to our pivot, that also connects to the stock brake rod back to the drum, as well as the stock return spring and brake light switch. This set has been tested on roadways all over the world, as well as on race tracks on multiple continents. 

Built from billet 6061-T6 aluminum. The controls are indexable/adjustable 360 degrees to allow you to fine tune to the exact positioning you prefer.  Each set includes everything necessary to bolt on to your bike and ride using only standard hand tools. 

Made in America with American Made materials. 

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